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The team that responed to my parents home were awesome. I have had a few floods at my own home and these two were by far the best and friendliest I have ever delt with. Your company should be proud to have them. Ted and Chelsea set my mind at ease with there knowledge of what they are handeling. Kudos to them. I would recommend your company a million times if all you personal was like them. Thank you and them so much. Donna Liquori

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Chelsea and Charlie both showed up ready to work! They went above and beyond! More than helpful, careful, courteous, and cautious wìth all the items in my home. House is finally starting to dry!! Impressed they were able to get everything accomplished in one day. It was a substantial amount of work! Definitely would recommend them and the company. John the manager or owner is also very informative and quick to help any way he can. Very satisfied.

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Jeff M and Tony are fantastic. Calming and reassuring and excellent customer service. I will keep them on speed dial for any and all emergencies.

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Absolutely fantastic. Jeff M and Tony are my new heroes

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Chelsea, Stephanie & Tony responded to my home and helped make my day better. On time, professional and very helpful they all were. I would highly recommend the company as well as the above mentioned employees. Will recommend to all my family & friends. Thanks so much SERVPRO [of Perry Hall/White Marsh]!

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John Rappazzo and his crew including, Jeff, Chelsea, Ted and Stephanie have been wonderful to deal with. They are extremely responsive and did a tremendous job. You should not hesitate to use their services.

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Great group of people. Ted, Jeff C. & Tony each took time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. They did not just rush in and tear things up they really made the effort to dry and save everything they could. Wonderful customer service. Wold recommend them without hesitation.

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SERVPRO [of Perry Hall / White Marsh] did a great job and the owner John actually showed up to write for the damages.

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SERVPRO of Perry Hall/White Marsh is one of the most professional well managed companies that I have had the pleasure to deal with. The owner is one of the most knowledgeable, capable, and approachable people that I have met in the business, a true professional and a great company to deal with.

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Great group of people. Ted, Jeff C. & Tony each took time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. They did not just rush in and tear things up they really made the effort to dry and save everything they could. Wonderful customer service. Wold recommend them without hesitation.

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I would highly recommend using SERVPRO [[of Perry Hall / White Marsh ]]. Every SERVPRO employee, John, Steph, Jeff, Chelsea, Charlie, we worked with was very professional, courteous, and answered all my questions. Thank you SERVPRO!

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John Rappazzo and his team at SERVPRO of Perry Hall/White Marsh have been absolute life savers for our family multiple times. Not only is their work done right, their work ethic and value for their customers on an individual level makes them the best company to go to when emergencies strike. Over the last nearly ten years, we have had horrible luck with water damage in our basement. Every time, SERVPRO of Perry Hall/White Marsh is present and ready to give us our peace of mind back immediately. They are a fair, dedicated, family business that exceeds our expectations every time. We know our home is in the best hands when they come to work.

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John, Chelsea, and Tony have all been very kind and compassionate. They have been professional, and as careful with our belongings as if they were their own. We suffered a devastating house fire, so every item we have been able to recover has been a victory. They have been sympathetic to the sentimental value each item holds for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.

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They did an amazing job and quick! They had come in and diagnosed what needed to be done and executed that plan within 2 hrs of arriving. I am 100% satisfied! Jeff M and Charlie worked super hard and efficiently! They kept me aware of everything they were doing and why they were doing it. I hopefully won’t have my basement flood again, but if I ever need them again I will call them immediately! Thanks SERVPRO (of Perry Hall / White Marsh) and especially Jeff and Charlie!

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Amazing company! Truly cared about our family, safety and well-being. They were friendly, respectful and extremely hard-working! Thank you for shedding some positive light on our situation!

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Dear Kristin (Job File coordinator),

Please thank crew leader Jeff for excellence in service. I went online and gave SERVPRO of Perry Hall White Marsh a 5 star write up for you all. Please have your team save me in their cell phone! If you need a new home purchase or a refinancing please call me! Thank you and here is to a wonderful new year!

SERVPRO of Perry Hall staff arrived promptly and repaired our home thoroughly and professionally.

SERVPRO of Perry Hall is one of the most well managed and professional companies I have the pleasure of dealing with. 
The staff that I have met have a fantastic knowledge of all things related to Fire and Water mitigation, as well as the restoration industry. They work well with customers, contractors, and insurance carriers to make sure their portion of the job goes as smoothly as possible. 
I would recommend SERVPRO of Perry Hall to anyone in need of their services.

We had one of those days. Actually two. You know when you wake up or just get home and find water has taken over part of your home? Walls soaking in the leak at the baseboards, carpet saturated, furniture affected, you know a regular day. Not for us, but for SERVPRO. This actually did occur twice in the last few years, and on both occasions we called the Perry Hall SERVPRO team. The first time because our insurance gave us their number. The second was because of the fantastic job the team performed to restore our home back to pre-flood condition previously (and that they did). It made a mess, all which was contained and cleaned, and in the end it was literally as good as new. The staff was extremely caring and respectful of our home and of our feelings being in this moment. Very professional and empathetic. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of cleaning and restoration services!

Called in a crisis (aren't they all?) and got an immediate response. Friendly staff, professional, came in frequently to check the job site. Couldn't have asked for better service. Exceeded expectations!!

It was a pleasure dealing with John R. and his crew. Great team, great work. very professional yet personable.

We were referred to SERVPRO of Perry Hall by a neighbor the day the fire occurred. We called and they took over and arranged everything from contacting someone to board up the house to arranging every aspect of the damage. Very thorough, had our best interest and gave helpful information on how to work with the insurance company. Also extremely patient with my son, who lost the most.
I can't say enough kind words. They were so professional and helpful.

I called John at 6am when I discovered a sewage back-up and he had tons of advice on what to do. I sat back and he handled everything. I was able to go to work and trust that he and his crew had my home and it's condition under control.

Thank you SERVPRO of Perry Hall for such quick response. The three young men that worked to clean up all the water in the basement were awesome!

Recommendation from someone who has used SERVPRO of Perry/ Hall White Marsh before. They took charge and explained all that had to happen. They packed us up and put us in storage until we were ready to come back to a restored home. And only then when we called did they return all of our belongings in excellent shape. We could not ave been happier. John and his people are top notch and we will always recommend them.

John Rappazzo from SERVPRO of Perry Hall White Marsh was extremely responsive and quite knowledgeable about the issues and potential challenges.I appreciated his coming out of White Marsh to my location. Great job!

Our experience with SERVPRO of Perry Hall White Marsh was very positive, as in previous visits. We thought we'd have to write off our kitchen floor and invest in a lot of new hardwood. This group responded quickly, offered us information and options, and stayed on top of the project until it was done to our satisfaction. Very professional, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile, even on a holiday weekend!


It was a pleasure to meet you today and I would like to give you my personal experience with SERVPRO of Perry Hall/White Marsh.

I purchased a new home, a condo, and moved in on 11/19/16. Thanksgiving day 11/24/16, the 3rd floor condo had a water leak which resulted in water damage for both the 2nd & 1st floors. Mine being the 1st.The next morning a SERVPRO team arrived to begin the clean up. At that time, I had no physical damage to my unit. For precaution since I just moved in, I spoke with Travis the supervisor and asked if I should be concerned. He offered to look in my unit and sure enough my hallway ceiling was full of water and needed to be dried out and subsequently pulled out and repaired.

The team was amazing. They were very helpful, professional and very understanding of the situation. They were very informative with my questions and guided me through the whole experience. I even called Travis in the evening for advise, and he was more than happy to help. I could not believe this had happened in my new home, but the professionals at SERVPRO had my back. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Perry Hall/ White Marsh.



John was wonderful. We were under very stressful conditions and a time crunch. He went out of his way and provided a service which directly lead to the settlement on our home. The work he performed was exceptional.He was also quite kind and sensitive to our situation.

The best choice for remediation service! No concerns in making the decision, acts with courtesy and professionalism. Respects home surroundings while performing work. The crews are fantastic. Highly recommended.

John Rappazzo was extremely helpful At a time that was very upsetting to me, he literally took me under his wing and handled everything. He was so kind and explained everything to me. I can't say enough about John and the crew that cleaned up the basement and took care of the mold. This was my dad's house and I live in South Carolina. I didn't have to be at the house for any reason because John handled everything for me and was in constant contact.

My experience with SERVPRO was great. Everyone was polite, respectful, thorough, fast and professional. I would highly recommend them.

I have, unfortunately, had two instances where my basement needed mold remediation as a result of water damage. I originally saw an ad for SERVPRO of Perry Hall and called. Best call I ever made! The company responded immediately to limit the damage to my basement and to protect our health. John Rappazzo walked me through the steps of working with my insurance company, which was extremely helpful because I had never filed a claim through homeowners. The crew was very professional and respectful, and just nice! John explained the steps of the process so I knew what to expect moving forward. The entire process was made so much easier for me.

John did not pull his crew off the job until every single mold spore was gone! I felt extremely confident that my basement was clean and no longer a health risk. I recommend SERVPRO unconditionally! This is a company with integrity and compassion, which is hard to find. Thank you, SERVPRO!

John gave exceptional service He never failed to return my calls. I should have had him do the job instead of the contractor since they don't always return your calls but they know John at SERVPRO of Perry Hall White Marsh.

All of the staff was very courteous and helpful making this terrible situation much easier on us to deal with. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Dear John and Debbie,

Just wanted to thank you for all the work you and your company have done to get my house back to "normal" after my latest water leak! Two leaks in one year - UGH! I must say I really was not worried this second time after the great job you provided last fall. All of your workers were so nice and very professional. It was comforting to see all the same faces! I really appreciate all the hard work and thank you for shampooing my upstairs steps. That alone was above and beyond! I truly do appreciate alll your SERVPRO Efforts! Thanks again.


Each one was very respectful. Tony went the extra mile hammering down the nails in my living room because he heard me say I was a diabetic.

I want to thank you for the great job you did at my house. I know it was a nasty job and I apologize for that. Jeff you were so nice and seemed to really care about what I was going through. Please accept this small token of my appreciation; I wish it could be more. Thank you again.

Very courteous, helpful, they were GREAT. Explained everything. They did a great job. The two men who showed up should be commended they made the entire process go very smooth.

We want to comment on the friendliness, professionalism and good work your men did. They explained everything they were doing and surely are a credit to your company's representation.

Keep up the good work and service you provide!

As I have stated to John this was by far the best customer service I have ever received all his staff was both professional and polite. Thank you.

My son *** at *** asked me to let in your employees this morning as he was working and unable to do so. I must say, it was a pleasure to watch Scott and Chris do their work. They were courteous, efficient, and completed their task in short order. I very much appreciated the care they took with my son's property and the thorough clean up. Thank You! George

On behalf of the Maryland State Police, I would like to thank you and your employees for the recent day you spent cleaning the carpets at the Bel Air Barrack. It was much needed work in the maintenance of our facility. In these times, we have come to rely on other state agencies and local businesses to help us when our resources are lacking. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. If we can be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Timely, Professional and Courteous.

I just want to thank you again for all of your help last week when I had the sewage back-up in my basement. You and you entire staff (Brandon and Tim who did the work at my house, Rhonda and Debbie who I talked with on the phone, and you who took the time to come to the house) were all considerate, professional, and efficient. I've already recommended your Perry Hall location to several people for their future reference.

We could not be happier. This occurred during a time of most difficult weather conditions. They were still most professional.

We recently needed the services of SERVPRO & were more than pleased with their performance. From the receptionist to the workers we had a wonderful experience. Everyone was courteous & more than helpful walking us thru the process. Couldn't be happier with their quality of service and their integrity. I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they have water damage.

Great company! We had a pipe burst with the recent freeze it flooded our finished basement. When I called, they seemed pretty busy..I guess we weren't the only ones with the same issue..Despite that, they were still able to get a tech out rather quickly to access the damage. They are putting the finishing touches on the drywall that needed to be replaced, but they have been very responsive and follow up on a regular basis. Can't wait for it all to be over with,but I'm glad to have them on it

I had a foot of water during hurricane Sandy. While this was the worst experience ever, this franchise immediately assured me that they would take care of everything.The crew are kind caring family men who have worked with this company for years. I would recommend them to anyone.. In my opinion they did not bill enough for the work and hours they dedicated to restoring my home. I thank each and every member of their staff sincerely for their hard work and level of professionalism.

Over the last 14 months our basement has flooded twice! Fortunately, I was referred to SERVPRO of Perry Hall and used them for both catastrophe's. They are the Gold Standard in Customer Service. Not only did they arrive in a timely fashion, they were able to remove the water, debris, and any other damaged items with-in 24 hours. All of the work included technicians that were professional, neat, and had a strong work-ethic that should be the ultimate benchmark in restoration services.

I love SERVPRO of Perry Hall White Marsh, everyone from the office personnel to the crew and even the owner all were very nice and professional. The office explained the billing process involving the insurance company very thoroughly. The crew was very trustworthy, they explained the entire drying process. And the owner John even came out to give me an estimate and help me with this difficult dilemma. I would highly recommend them for all cleaning needs.

SERVPRO of Perry Hall is a great company. I had a water issue and they came out quickly saved everything and were nothing but 100% gentlemen. If you need emergency service clean up give them a call

John, I just want to thank you again for all of your help last week when I had the sewage back up in my basement. You and your entire staff (brandon and Tim, who did the work in my house, and Rhonda and debbie who I talked with on the phone and you who took the time to come to the house) were all considerate, professional and efficient. I've already reccommended your Perry Hall Location to several people for their future reference, Thanks again!

Thank you for all your timely help! John Rappazzo was Terrific and very professional. So glad I found you and am passing on your name!